Abacus Worldwide, LLC is pleased to announce that RH&A Accounting, Audit, and Consulting Company has joined the progressive international association of independent accounting, consulting and legal firms.

Along with its Abacus membership, RH&A has joined Task International, a network that serves independent accounting firms specifically in the transnational auditing and compliance services area.

The Panamanian firm focuses on medium-sized and family businesses in the industrial, commercial and service spaces. RH&A offers accounting management, audits, and general business support services to help its clients manage the details of their businesses.

“As foreign companies and individuals continue to look to Panama, it’s important to expand the options our members have to get help navigating the financial and legal system there,” said Julio Gabay, President and CEO of Abacus Worldwide. “We’re delighted to add to the options open to them in Panama and Central America.

For more about Task International, visit the website at taskinternational.org.

For more information about RH&A, visit their website at rha-accounting.com.