Vantage Worldwide is a podcast brought to you by Abacus Worldwide, a global association of accounting and law firms. Vantage examines the opportunities and potential challenges of doing business across the globe.

Each month, experts from the Abacus membership share insight into the business environment in their country, providing you with highlights of what is required for international expansion.

US Edition Revisited

On this episode of Vantage Worldwide we take another close look at the United States, a global economic superpower that remains one of the most sought after destinations for foreign investors and entities. This session will discuss the various best practices and key considerations for businesses seeking to establish themselves in the nation as well as explore the tax climate and opportunities available to savvy foreign investors that are aiming to make an impact in the United States.

This episode is moderated by Abacus Worldwide Asia Pacific Regional Director, Ravin Krishnan.

Panelists include:

Indonesia Edition

This edition of Vantage Worldwide features the country of Indonesia. Located strategically along key trade routes in the region, Indonesia is the world’s fourth-most populous country and boasts one of the fastest growing economies in the region. This episode takes a closer look at the tax regulations in place in the nation and provides a comprehensive look at what it takes to do business in Indonesia.



Italy Edition

This edition of Vantage Worldwide features the country of Italy, a historic financial centre that is the third-largest national economy in the European Union and the eighth-largest in the world. This goes into depth on doing business in Italy and what it takes as a business to prosper and grow in the country.



Panama Edition

This edition of Vantage Worldwide features the country of Panama, a regional financial hub that serves as a link between Central and South America and is of the region’s fastest growing economies. This episode explores the nuts and bolts of what it takes to do business in Panama.


  • Werner Trieloff, Abacus Worldwide


Portugal Edition

This edition of Vantage Worldwide features the country of Portugal, a major European economic hub with a strategic location and a plethora of investment opportunities. This episode delves deeper into what it takes to do business in Portugal.



Singapore Edition

Podcast description coming soon!

Canada Edition

This edition of Vantage Worldwide features the country of Canada which has the tenth largest economy in the world. The session will discuss the opportunities for investment in the North American nation.


Germany Edition

This edition of Vantage Worldwide features the country of Germany, a country at the intersection of Central and Western Europe. Abacus members will discuss the various tax laws and opportunities that are available in Germany which has the largest economy in Europe, the world’s fourth-largest economy by nominal GDP.


Australia Edition

Abacus Worldwide members share their legal and accounting expertise as they engage in a conversation about the business landscape in Australia.  In this episode, they explore the tax implications of doing business in Australia and what is required for foreign investors to expand into the world’s 6th largest country.

Guests include:

Mexico Edition

This episode explores the country of Mexico and the business opportunities available in this Latin American nation.

Moderated by Abacus Regional Director, Werner Trieloff, the discussion features insights from Roberto Resa of Resa y Asociados, S.C. and Rafael Sámano from Sámano Abogados, S.C..

US Edition

This episode has been published and can be heard everywhere your podcast is available.

This episode of Vantage discusses the current economic environment and opportunities for doing business in the US.   Recorded, between US election day and the inauguration of a new president, the session touches upon some potential changes related to tax law and tariffs.   Part 2 will be scheduled in 2021 to discuss what changes will actually be implemented.

Episode Guests

Michael, Ehrenstein, Ehrenstein | Sager,  Episode Moderator; Nicole Suk, Windham Brannon, Panelist; and  Carolyn Powell, Tronconi Segarra & Associates, Panelist

Luxembourg Edition

In this episode of Vantage Worldwide Abacus members, Michele Canepa and Jorge Cunha from Global Trust Advisors discuss the economic landscape of Luxembourg and the opportunities to conduct business in this European country.

India Edition

In this episode of Vantage Worldwide Abacus members from India discuss the current state of the Indian Economy, its currency, and future business opportunities. The episode touches on the pros and cons of investing or starting a business in India, hiring foreign workers, and an overview of the tax and legal system.

Guests of this episode include:

  • Deepak Goil, Hi Fidelity Solutions Private Limited  
  • Sujay Ajgaonkar, RM Ajgaonkar & Co 
  • Tarun Kandhari, Tarun Kandhari & Co LLP 
  • Sachin Ranbhise, Sachin Ranbhise & Associates, Chartered Accountants

Brazil Edition

An overview of what it takes to do business in Brazil from both a legal and financial perspective.  All panelists are members of Abacus Worldwide.

This episode is moderated by Abacus Worldwide Latin America Regional Director, Werner Trieloff.

Panelists include:

  • Ana Carolina Born, Born Auditores Associados
  • Mariana Bicudo, Franco Advogados
  • Andréa Bodanese, Berger, Simões, Plastina e Zouvi Advogados

The episode discusses tax law in Brazil, employment and labor considerations,  legal ramifications of doing business and what opportunities exist for foreign investment in the Country.

UK Edition

An overview of what it takes to do business in the UK from both a legal and financial perspective. The discussion focuses on: Setting up a business in the UK; Selling goods or services into the UK; Sending employees to the UK; and Buying a business in the UK.

This episode is moderated by Edward Lee from Howes Percival LLP with panelists: 

  • Adam Stronach, Harwood Hutton Advisory Services, LLP
  • Clive J Halperin, GSC Solicitors LLP 
  • Mark Wildi, Baxter Baxter & Co